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The odds are already in your favor.

If you have localized prostate cancer, there is every reason to be optimistic.
Thanks to early testing, most prostate cancers are now found while still localized to the prostate. These tumors have not spread outside the prostate and may be managed by active surveillance or radical treatment. For some patients, the risk from their tumor becoming a major health problem is low and Active Surveillance (AS), with PSA and biopsy monitoring, is an option.

Immunotherapy- a future weapon against prostate cancer
ProstAtak is an experimental approach that has shown promising results in previous prostate cancer trials. In this study, it is being evaluated to see if when added to Active Surveillance it can prevent or delay progression avoiding or delaying the need for surgery or radiation. We call this “Proactive Surveillance™.

If you have Prostate Cancer and choose Active Surveillance, you may qualify to be one of 156 men selected to help in this fight to defeat prostate cancer.

Are There Any Risks?
You may experience certain side effects as a result of the experimental treatment. In past studies, these have been mostly temporary flulike symptoms. Your doctor will carefully explain potential risks to you. There’s one other thing to remember; to ensure reliability of results and avoid the possibility of bias, this trial is designed as “randomized,” double blind, and placebo controlled study. This means that each participant is randomly selected to receive either ProstAtak or a placebo (a harmless liquid). Selection is random, and neither you, nor your doctor nor the sponsor of the study will know whether you are receiving ProstAtak or placebo. However, all participants will receive the careful evaluations of the protocol—plus, a two-to-one chance of receiving ProstAtak.

There is scientific evidence to believe ProstAtak may improve clinical outcome during Active Surveillance, but it may not. However, either way, by participating in this study, you may be helping future generations and patients with prostate cancer. Only you can decide if the potential benefits are worth the possible risks and inconvenience of taking part in this study.

No. You or your insurance will be charged for costs of routine care, such as PSA and biopsies, but you will not be charged for the research components of this study.

If you are interested in taking part in this study or you would like additional information, please speak to your doctor. If the Ulysses trial is still enrolling, you might be eligible to be one of 156 men selected to help in this fight to defeat prostate cancer. Ask your doctor about the possibility of joining.

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