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Local Urologist is helping to fight prostate cancer with studies of an innovative immuno-oncology approach – the ProstAtak® clinical trials

Published on October 4, 2016, by in Clinical Trials.
Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among men in the United States. It is a common disease that effects 1 out of every 7 men. The good news is that early detection can assist in fighting this disease and scheduling annual prostate screenings can help identify this cancer in its early stages.
If cancer is detected in the prostate, various treatment options are available. Those options include active surveillance, surgery, radiation therapy, and hormone therapy. These are all good options, depending on the patient’s specific conditions, but no option is 100% effective for all patients.  There are also clinical trials that offer the hope of developing even more effective options for defeating prostate cancer.
One of these clinical trials is for ProstAtak®, a promising new immunotherapy that is being evaluated for localized prostate cancer.  ProstAtak is being developed by Advantagene, Inc., a Boston-area biopharmaceutical company, and is intended to “jump-start” the patient’s own immune system so it can better detect and destroy the patient’s unique cancer cells. In a Phase II study of ProstAtak® in combination with radiation therapy, the rate of recurrence was reduced from an expected 30% down to 10%.
Most recently, a multinational study has been launched to evaluate ProstAtak® as an immunotherapy addition to just monitoring during active surveillance, a form of “Proactive Surveillance™
Dr. Steven Sukin of Texas Urology Specialists is the only medical center in the Houston area that offers participation in the ProstAtak® clinical trial for patients choosing radiation therapy, and the first to offer it for patients under active surveillance. Dr Sukin is a leading Houston area urologist utilizing the most advanced treatment options for his patients. He has been practicing in the field of urology for more than fourteen years and has helped pioneer new procedures and treatments including the new BPH treatment, Urolift.
If you have been diagnosed with localized prostate cancer and are choosing either Active Surveillance or Radiation Therapy, you might be eligible to participate in one of two ProstAtak® clinical trials.    This innovative immunotherapy approach is meant to kill tumor cells and stimulate a cancer vaccine effect specific against the patient’s own tumor.
The two studies are:
Study One (For patients choosing radiation therapy):
Phase 3 Study of ProstAtak® with Standard Radiation Therapy for Localized Prostate Cancer (PrTK03).  This study is for patients that have not had surgery or radiation for prostate cancer and:
·       have intermediate-risk disease (any or all of the following: PSA 10-20 ng/ml, Gleason score =7, T2b-T2c) or a single high risk feature (PSA>20 ng/ml, Gleason score 8-10, or T3a)
·       and are planning to receive standard external beam radiation therapy
Study Two (for patients choosing active surveillance):
Randomized Controlled Trial of ProstAtak® During Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer (ULYSSES).  This study is for patients that are planning to be monitored on Active Surveillance rather than choosing radical treatment.
Interested patients can schedule a consultation with Dr. Steven Sukin at 281-351-5174 or visit his website regarding clinical trials at www.drstevensukinurology.com/prostatak-cancer-treatment.shtml

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